Monday, July 14, 2014

Jex Malone By. C.L. Gaber & V.C. Stanley

A new detective is in town and her name is Jex Malone.  Along with her fellow Drew-Ids, Jex seeks to solve the case that ripped her parent’s marriage apart.  The friends couldn’t be more different from one another; Jex is the sarcastically sassy one, Deva is the fashionista with funds, Cissy is the shy one, and Nat is the brains.  Together they create an unstoppable cold case-solving agency.

Jex has lived with her mother for most of her life, successfully escaping the court-mandated summers with her father.  The ignoring of court orders is swiftly put to an end with the threat of Jex’s mom having to do jail time.  So Jex gives into the courts and sets off for a summer with her father.  Jex Malone is a highly entertaining summer read, full of adventure, unlikely romance, and friendship.