Monday, July 21, 2014

The Boleyn Reckoning By Laura Andersen

When I first picked up this book, I was drawn to the title alone.  I admit to being enamored by books about Ann Boleyn; so I admit even read the synopsis of what this book was about.  I requested it without a second thought, and was unbelievably excited when I was approved to review The Boleyn Reckoning.  This  folly left me completely lost as I read the first chapter .  I was eventually forced to go back and read the synopsis of the book.  After reading this I discovered that The Boleyn Reckoning, is the third book in a series of books about, what would have happened if Ann Boleyn had succeeded in producing a male heir.  Except for my initial confusing, which is of no fault of the author.  I found The Boleyn Reckoning to be easy to follow; even though it is the third book in the series and I haven't read the first two.  It's quite an intelligent piece of fiction, full of romance, betrayal, scheming, and honor.  I cannot wait to read the first two books in the series and any additional books that are published in the future.  If you like Tudor era books, you should give this series a try.