Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Quick By, Lauren Owen

The Quick an intelligent mystery that left me genuinely surprised.  It’s a fiction novel that is refreshingly realistic.  I can’t wait to give this book to family and friends as a gift.  Taking place in Victorian London, this tale starts with a brother and sister.  James and Charlotte grow up close in their country home.  As they grow up James leaves for school, then London.  Leaving Charlotte to take care of their country home.  This novel has a realistic feel to it.  The realistic nature is what makes it so great.  I found the characters intriguing and had no trouble imagining the characters.  This novel is difficult to review without giving things away.  When the romance begins, just know that the book isn’t a romance novel.  If it were a romance novel, it would be a completely refreshing romance.  The Quick leans more towards the paranormal, secret society realm.