Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Invention of Wings By.Sue Monk Kidd

First I need to say that I received this book as a Goodreads; First Read Giveaway.
This book was a good read, a really good read.  The main characters are easy to sympathize with, and as well as rich and complex in their emotions and what motivates them.  Similar to peeling an onion, Sue Monk Kidd artfully peels back the layers of the complex friendships and family relationships that develop and transform throughout The Invention of Wings.   The horrors that people endured through slavery as well as the trials people went through to abolish slavery are artfully depicted in this book.  There are more subjects that are covered in this book than just slavery, it’s also a coming of age story as well as a thread that contains the theme of, ‘Not giving up on dreams, to follow your heart/soul, no matter what kind of naysayers you have around you.’  Although this book has darkness in it, this book has more of an uplifting feel to it.   The Invention of Wings captures the human spirit, how even in the darkest times of history there are still good-hearted people who will fight injustices and as long as they remain strong they can overcome evil or oppressors.  I think that this book would be enjoyed by just about anybody, it should be read and passed on to friends and families.  Being that this is my first Sue Monk Kidd book, I look forward to reading her other works.