Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Season of the Witch By. Natasha Mostert

Season of the Witch has it all, psychics, remote viewing, alchemy, witches, black cats, crows, hackers, beautiful women, beautiful men, lost love and even a missing person's case.  Mostert doesn't disappoint, she artfully weaves a tale that is intriguing and magical.  I may be partial to the subject matter of Season of the Witch, I love using the subject of psychic ability for my own writing.  Gabriel works as an information thief, hired by large corporations to steal information from their competitors; he is highly skilled at his chosen profession.  Isidore, Gabriel's partner, is a world class hacker who takes care of the in-house side of their business and Gabriel is in charge of breaking in.  Life is good, until a person from Gabriel's past shows up.  Bringing with them long buried secrets Gabriel preferred had stayed buried.  Gabriel agrees to take on a missing person's case that will change the direction of his life, as well as the person he thinks he is.  This was a really fun book, and look forward to reading more books by Natasha Mostert.  If you like paranormal books  you will love reading Season of the Witch.