Monday, January 13, 2014

The Stargazer - By. Michele Jaffe


Taking place in the backdrop of Renaissance Venice, The Stargazer, takes the reader on an adventure, complete with sensual romance, courtesans, medical advancements, jealous lovers, betrayal, and murder.  The mystery of who done it and why is artfully crafted and keeps the reader invested from beginning to end.  In fact the mystery gains depth and momentum as the story progresses.  There is a gratuitous amount of sex in this book, more so than a normal adult romance novel, but if all of the sex was to be edited out of this book you would be left with a thrillingly enthralling murder mystery.  I really enjoyed this book it was pure entertainment, great with bonbons, chocolates and a steaming cup of tea or coffee.  If you want to relax and lose yourself in a naughty book, you should buy The Stargazer.