Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Devil in the Corner By, Patricia Elliott

I absolutely loved Devil in the Corner; it's not often that I finish a 400-page book in a day.  With mystery, romance, murder, laudanum, orphans, unknown relatives, arsenic, penniless artists, unrequited love, and the fear of destitution, Devil in the Corner is one modern day gothic novel that will not disappoint.  The pace of the novel is similar to the classics, which may be too slow for people with a taste for modern literature.  I found it to be original and that it did not mimic the classics too heavily or refer to them as a way to keep the story interesting. I assume that Devil in the Corner is meant for a young adult audience, due to the fact it is published by Hodder Children's Books.  Even though this novel is geared towards youth groups it doesn't lack, Devil in the Corner can be enjoyed by young adults and adults.  Maude is orphaned at a young age, forcing her to quit school and find a way to support herself; Maud is forced to take positions as a governess.  Luckily a cousin, Juliana, locates Maud and invites her to live with her.  Juliana keeps Maud in locked away, forbidding her from having suitors constantly threatening to turn Maud out, leaving her to certain destitution.  Conflicts arise, distrust, madness, rebellion, and jealously lead to the perfect environment for murder and betrayal.  Please check out Devil in the Corner, especially if you enjoy classic gothic novels.