Friday, February 14, 2014

House of Bathory By, Linda Lafferty

House of Bathory was extremely intriguing.  I was hooked and excited only 3% into the book.  Usually stories that take place in the present as well as in the past have something missing, they just don't fit together.  Lafferty proved that past and present could indeed be melded together to create a fantastic story.  This tale didn't snag at all.  The tale was weaved together so well that I sometimes forgot if I was in present time or past.  The times effortlessly melted into each other.  I have even become excited about doing further research on The Red Book by, C.G. Jung, which is a book that is mentioned extensively in House of Bathory.  I love books that make me want to research further into what inspired the author in the first place.  House of Bathory, follows the tale of Erzebet Bathory, the action takes place in the tale is similar to what is seen in the movie The Countess, starring Julie Deply. (Which honestly is all that I know about Erzbet Bathory.)  The past and present occur simultaneously, following the life of Besty Path a psychologist living in 2010.  House of Bathory is a tale of interconnectedness, dreams, and madness.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think that others will too.