Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mistress of Fortune By, Holly West

Mistress of Fortune was quite a fun read.  Set in England during the rule of Charles II, a devilish plot is brought to the attention of Mistress Ruby a local fortuneteller.  Unwittingly Ensnared in this murderess plot Mistress Ruby relentlessly follows the breadcrumbs of clues to discover who is behind this plot, and why she was dragged into it in the first place.  I am not well versed in the Stuart Era of British History, so I don't think I can review the accuracy of this tale, but I was not disappointed by the antics that ensue.  Mistress Ruby is a strong female, living in a time when women often were not seen as strong.  She uses her cunning and mastery of disguises to slowly piece together the mystery of murder.  A little romance has been sprinkled throughout this tale, but it simmers on the backburner of this tale, which causes me to hesitate in categorizing this as a romance novel.  There isn't a paranormal aspect to this tale; although there are fortune tellers in this novel their serves range from reading astrology, palm reading, intuition, and the use of herbology.  This tale does not contain magic, if you are searching for a novel that contains magic this is not the novel for you.  If you are seeking a good mystery or a fun historical fiction please give Mistress of Fortune a try.