Sunday, February 16, 2014

Savage Girl By, Jean Zimmerman

Savage Girl was a wonderful read.  Each character is rich with idiosyncrasies, loveable and rich.  Even the deviously evil and flawed characters have layers to their personalities causing the reader to turn them, over-and-over again in their mind detecting different hidden depths.  Much like eating a delicious dish, which you allow to slowing melt on your tongue trying to decipher if indeed there is a hint of cinnamon.  Savagery, love, cross-dressing, exotic, native, murderess, madness and the eccentric, Savage Girl doesn't disappoint the senses or the imagination.  I never thought I would find an American-Historical-Fiction story so intriguing.  This will definitely be a novel that I purchase and gift again-and-again.  This murder mystery is a fantastic gothic style novel I highly recommend it.

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