Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Furies By, Mark Alpert

John an unemployed, ex-gang member, meets a beautiful woman in a bar.  They spend the night talking, and connecting, leading up to what was suppose to be a night of lust.  It ends much differently than expected.  This novel is full of action, secret societies, genetic mutations, biker gangs, and betrayal.  The Furies has such potential to be a great novel, but there were things that just didn't work for me in this book.  The first and most important thing that would have helped me to connect with the story is the introduction.  The novel wholly takes place in the present; do not put something from the Elizabethan area, when the reader will never be brought back to that time period.  Everything that is shown in the introductory chapter is explained later in the book.  I would really drive the mystery of the story if the introduction were cut out of the book.  The second thing that was confusing to me was creating God, or 'birthing' God into the world.  I can understand wanting to make the world a better place, or creating heaven on earth, but how exactly would this group of people 'create God', it just didn't make sense to me.  Also if this group of people doesn't believe in a God or a deity, then why are they always thanking a 'Mother' or asking a 'Mother' for help.  It seems to me that they do believe in God, just a female representation of God.  Also, I'm not wholly buying into an FBI agent being as gullible as Agent Larson was in this book. The last thing that bothered me was the second sex scene, it was downright clinical.  Maybe, I didn't get it because I am a woman and it was written with a male audience in mind, but it made me uncomfortable reading it.  I have read books with a lot of sex in them, so it's not that I am shy and feel ashamed reading about sex, it wasn't unconventional dirty sex either...  I guess I am going to have to stick with it being too clinical.  I really hope that a second addition of this book is released, maybe with some rewrites, because I really like the idea behind the book, and I really enjoyed the science fiction aspect of it.