Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Midnight Witch By, Paula Brackston

I loved The Midnight Witch By, Paula Brackston.  Taking place in London during the Edwardian era, The Midnight Witch begins with a funeral.  The death of Lilith's father brings about a major change in her life, not just the loss of her father, but new responsibilities, one of them being becoming the new head of the Lazarus coven.  Lilith tested and challenged throughout this tale with the; taking care of her troublesome brother, placating her mother, keeping a relic out of the hands of a nefarious group of sorcerers, dealing with a love triangle, keeping coven secrets, living a dual life, and becoming the woman her father would be proud of.  She struggles between following her heart and doing what is 'sensible' and proper.  The Midnight Witch doesn't disappoint, it's full of an array of different personalities from maleficent villains, and love struck artists, bohemian households, dubious spirits, and gallant fiancés.  The only thing that I didn't like about it was that there weren't chapters, or breaks between which character I was with, but I received this book as an advance copy, so that probably will not be a problem when the book has been released.  This was a very enjoyable read I highly recommend it.