Friday, March 7, 2014

The Here and Now By, Ann Brashares

I loved, The Here and Now, Preena a teenage girl from the future, has time traveled to our present time.  Preena is living here with a group of fellow time travelers who live by stringent rules, geared towards fitting in with the present time and not affecting the 'natives'.  Preena works hard to follow these rules until she meets a 'native' Ethan.  Preena lives in a world where connections are hard to make, the people in her community have been highly affected by the future they have come from, unable to talk about what they went through with each other, due to the communities rules, making it difficult to have meaningful friendships and romantic relationships within the community.  Ethan a smart guy who is in a lot of Preena's advance classes, he is charming, popular, cute, and kind.  Ethan is the ideal 'nice guy'.  The Here and Now, has everything from young romance, corrupt governments, apocalyptic disease,  and trying to save the world.  I highly recommend this young adult novel, the characters are easy to relate to, the story is believable, there are surprises and twists, and the narrative never drags.